Life is a dream and then you wake up!

We all wonder what the meaning of life is, truth be told, we will never know until we reach the other side or are lucky enough to acquire oneness with God through endless advanced meditation. I say take each day as a gift and relish it as if it were your last.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sky Blue Passions

The sky is blue today, but what is under it has changed. So much transitioning in such short time. We have lost many gifted and tender spirits in this cosmic clash of thunder storms, but life continues. It's almost as if God is preparing us for something major, but what? If I were a nebulous cloud, I would cry, not for those who have gloriously transitioned, but for those of us who are left behind with little understanding.
I think about Michael Jackson in the Bashears documentary and how this complicated spirit was so misunderstood, it's really sad how the world that created him, is ultimately the same world that destroyed him. He brought joy and happiness to the world and the world brought him pain and despair in return. All great artists seem to posses an otherworldly sadness that ultimately claims the vehicle of it's artistic creator. Much of what MJ said in the interview seemed to make perfect sense to me but somehow got perverted and twisted in order to capitalize on sensationalism. Who were the real perverts? MJ or the media? There are so many different realities that are ever present, you as the enlightened soul choose one that resonates with you best.
The sky is bright and blue, but what is it that is left below it? We all have to take responsibility for what we say and do: what we create. Are you adding to life? Or are you taking away from it? Are you sharing love, or are you taking away from it? If I want a plant to stay green I have to water it and love it and then it can give me oxygen in return. If we want our creativity to grow, we have to nurture and love it. Thank you MJ and all of those brilliant spirits who have gone on before you, for I am left inspired by the wonderful gifts you so graciously shared with us. MJ as you make that magical journey back to Guinea, please know that we thank you so much for stopping by to share your gifts along the way. The sky is so bright and blue today.

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