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We all wonder what the meaning of life is, truth be told, we will never know until we reach the other side or are lucky enough to acquire oneness with God through endless advanced meditation. I say take each day as a gift and relish it as if it were your last.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Le Mat: You're a Fool!!!

The "fool" exists in this liminal space on the cusp of both "good" and "evil." The fool both positive and negative, is a kind of purgatory that has manifested into a physical being to remind us of the necessity of these contrasting elements. Many times, the "fool" is seen as a symbol for the deliberate and unmitigated oversight in judgment that we sometimes make. However, the "fool" represents how fate still yields freedom of choice and decision making. A royal messenger of the unexpected, the fool represents our personal journey.
In the works of Shakespeare, the tumultuous journey of the protagonist is often accompanied by the presence of the "fool." Shakespeare uses the "fool" as both literary device and "joker" to keep us cognizant of the struggle between "good" and "evil" that resides in all of us and the absurdity of it.
In the global context, the "fool" is also known as a "trickster" and a divine messenger of sorts. This "trickster" figure has the potential to turn what may be perceived as "bad" into "good" and vice verse, while holding the key to our wildest dreams and our worst nightmare simultaneously. What we are many times unaware of is that we have subconsciously and consciously made moves towards both outcomes. All it takes is the slight flick of a mirror to see that the "joke" is on you! Even in a card game, it is the "joker" who has the power to turn your fate around. So spread your cards out on the table and play. The "trickster" or the "fool," while abiding on the portal of consciousness and decision making, always has one foot firmly planted and the other on a banana peel to remind us of the "foolishness" of the human experience.

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