Life is a dream and then you wake up!

We all wonder what the meaning of life is, truth be told, we will never know until we reach the other side or are lucky enough to acquire oneness with God through endless advanced meditation. I say take each day as a gift and relish it as if it were your last.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Your Gear On

Ladies, Get your gear on! That's right, I said it. In these rough times and hard economy and what not, you need to go shopping. Yeah, a bill or two may need to get paid, but so what! It can wait, just like everything else in life. So get your box of keenex, some visine, call PG & E and get that extension as well as your Oscar nomination. I know in these days in times with recessions and layoffs spirits can get down, so what's my remedy you ask? Shop! That's right, shop till' you drop! Who knows when you'll ever be able to shop again, as a matter a fact, your favorite boutique may not even be there the next time you return in a few months. Not only that, but look at it as you doing your part to help a broke down economy. Low on funds? Sell some of your old goods on ebay or borrow a credit card. Ask your man, and tell him if your happy, he's happy (wink). But all jokes aside ladies, the last time I went shopping I felt as I had done three hours of post-stress syndrome therapy. I felt like I had lost 10 pounds, got a raise instead of a layoff, had my rent reduced and fifty dollars dropped off of my cell phone bill. Weeeeew, I had a new lease on life and looked like a million dollars. And you can do the same, Get Your Gear On Ladies!!!

P.S- Old Navy has $2 tanks tomorrow!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shop at

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The truth as it is...

Sometimes life just throws us curve balls and we don't know quite what to do with them. Right now, it is as if the universe is in a state of destruction in order to bring about transition and re-birth. Relationships end, unexpected deaths, jobs end and people get moved around. But the important thing to remember is that the universe is in a constant state of flux and we must bob and weave with the ebb and flow of time. Now is not the time for resentment of things that we don't understand, but rather a time of gratitude and thanksgiving for God's overwhelming abundance. Joy surrounds us everyday in every manifestation possible, we must observe the precious moments around us and feel thankful. Disappointment = opportunity, opportunity = growth, growth = more abundance and joy.

Do you sometimes feel like everyone around you is a liar or wearing a mask and you don't know who to trust. My answer is to trust them all. Not to trust what they tell you at face value, but to trust your instincts on what the universe is telling you through that person. People may think they are lying but the body never lies because it doesn't know how to. Eyes and body language are key communicators of the truth. Within every lie is the truth and if you listen to your inner voice, you will hear the universe telling you exactly what's going on. Is it my imagination? Yes and no, you are just receiving visual confirmation of what the truth is. Our imagination is an intangible place where God communicates to us directly. Kinda like HGTV for the soul. "The truth hurts!" No it doesn't, your perception of the truth is what hurts. The inablity to let go of an illusion hurts. The truth is liberating. It gives us the freedom of choice to create the reality of what we really want.



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