Life is a dream and then you wake up!

We all wonder what the meaning of life is, truth be told, we will never know until we reach the other side or are lucky enough to acquire oneness with God through endless advanced meditation. I say take each day as a gift and relish it as if it were your last.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Why Art?

Art is to transcend, to engender, to create, love and go beyond, to love beyond limits, to create beyond limits, exercise joy, experience pain to your extreme sensorial capacities. Art is to render, commit, suicide of the ego...expand inertia, to light a fire in heaven...grow ice in the desert, cross the universe and extend what GOD has created...embody yourself and all things in creation at once, to let go of an inflatable balloon, to chase thought rockets, to be inebriated with the soul of the universe, to hear a baby crying and an old man dying, to flex an internal muscle in your heart, to twist science inside out and play it back on an LP on a cold day, a morsel of creative lust, another seed planted in the collective consciousness, art is to be.....................................................

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